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Welcome to the website of Notary Public London.

I am a Notary Public based in Central London and I provide a wide range of Notary Public services to both private and corporate clients, authenticating documents to be used in foreign jurisdictions.

Appointments can be arranged at my offices and at clients' place of business or home. Evening and weekend appointments can also be made when necessary. We are able to offer a 24/7 service when required.

I also speaiclise in Notarisation of documents in foreign languages. See the page on foreign languages for more information.

For authentication of company documents, UK diplomas and decree absolute (divorce papers), it is not necessary to make an appointment and attend my office. This can be done online. Please contact us for more details.

Please contact me for a fee quote.

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What does a Notary Public do?

A notary's function is to act as a bridge between the English legal system and other foreign systems of law so that your documents can be used in a foreign country through a mechanism called legalisation.

A Notary's role is to verify (or authenticate) legal documents for use abroad. He has to check the identity, capacity and authority of the person signing documents as well.

The notary's primary duty is to the transaction. So notarialmobile notary london acts require a high standard of care, as reliance on such acts is made by clients, third parties and foreign governments and officials.

All notarial work is regulated by the Faculty Office. The best standards of confidentiality and presentation are offered. The notarial practice is covered by professional indemnity insurance and a Compensation Fund.

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Notary Services offered

You may need to see a Notary to:

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Legalisation and Apostille

A notarised document may often need to be further authenticated by having the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirm the validity of the Notary's signature and seal. The requirement for this will depend on the foreign country involved. This is done by legalisation by the use of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's official certificate, known as an Apostille, which is attached by the FCO to the document. These are internationally recognised under the terms of the Hague Convention.

We provide normal service and premium service with regard to FCO legalisation.

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Identification requirements for Notarisation

Following the implementation of the Money Laundering Regulations 2017, Notaries are now obliged to keep evidence on their files of the identity and the address of all their clients before they undertake any work.

Each person whose signature they are to certify must provide one of the following original identification documents at the time of the appointment.

In addition, they require proof of residence, which can be one of the following original documents:

When a Notary Public is acting for a corporate client, evidence of the due incorporation of the company or entity is required. This can be one of the following documents:

In addition to the above, each individual signatory will need to produce one of the identification documents mentioned above.

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Price Information

All quotes given over the phone or by email are indicative, subject to further confirmation once the documents are actually visualised.

Authentication of diplomas, certificates or company documents involve necessary checks and verifications. Fees will go upward if there are more than one document to be authenticated. It also very much depends on the complexity of the tasks to be undertaken.

Out of office mobile service is possible but call-out charges are to be agreed upon prior to the appointments. Geographical location is a determinant factor.

Notarisation of documents written in languages other than English will be charged on a different fee scale as it will involve additional translation work and special language skills.

If I am required to draft a document at the request of a client, drafting fee will be charged on a case by case basis. No fixed fees can be offered but my hourly rate will be taken as reference. Certain important factors will affect the final quote in addition to the above. Considerations such as, whether it is related to corporate activities or commercial transactions or whether it is going to be urgently arranged at short notice or if weekend or out-of-hour appointments are requested.

If you need other services such as translation, FCO or Consulate legalisation, additional quotes will be given in accordance with your specific requirements.

Finally a confirmation of quotes will be signed and dated at appointment.

Please also refer to the section relating to terms and conditions.

Please visit the contact me page to obtain a quotation for more complex cases.


We provide normal service and premium service with regard to FCO legalisation.

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International Adoption

Foreign adoption in England is governed by the Adoption Act 1977. There are also international conventions, such as Hague Convention, dealing with these matters. A notary can be involved in the foreign adoption process by offering notary services, such as authenticating certain adoption documents and notarising translated texts for use in foreign jurisdictions such as China. Clients can contact me for further advice.

Application for entry visa

As immigration lawyer, we can also help adopting parents to apply for entry visa for the adopted child.

Translation of adoption documents

Adoption documents to be used in foreign jurisdictions are required to be translated to official languages of the countries of adoption. Our translators, being members of Institute of Translation and Interpreting, can give assistance to clients to meet the above requirements.

Notary public can also issue notarial certificate authenticating certain adoption documents such as Certificate of eligibility to adopt and other official documents related to foreign adoption procedures. Free consultation can be provided via email. Please send your questions or documentation over and a prompt reply will be given.

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